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  2. >Hi Lelia,Just love your honesty. I find myself in those same conversations in my head…I am so slack about getting my post done. I finally got it up today. Do you think that we could just change the title to Yes to God Thursday??? Even if everyone else posts on Tuesday…. LOL!Love ya girl,Lynn

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  4. also ich bin 2007 aus der Grundschule raus, allerdings ist das bei uns nach der 6ten Klasse, und wir haben da halt auch schon filme geguckt und sätze gesprochen und so. aber ich hab eine kleine cousine und die sind bei uns jetzt auch wirklich schon in der dritten Klasse sehr sehr weit.ich mag deine art zu reden weiter soo!

  5. rminnc, et al.The presidential seal has fallen off the podium twice.Earthquake yesterday damaged Washington Monument & National; Cathedral..Hurricane aims at DC & Obama’s vacation.Hand of God?

  6. I fully intend to get as obscure as I possibly can, and I do realise I'm not going to be the norm, but very much the exception :(Thank you for the lesson, I do realise there's a lot of history I need to get caught up on…

  7. LeighIt’s a beautiful image, Thomas. As for technique, I find it’s locked inside my head now and I’m trying my best to transfer that to digital. It’s not the same as taking shots with my old Canon AV1. Or perhaps it’s my relationship with him, it’s almost magical – you probably feel the same way about your Leica. Have fun with the new camera!

  8. And that is the bigger crime since it meant he hadn’t provided the MVC with their government mandated fee for the privilege of owning a motor vehicle in NJ.. How dare he! Off with his head (that’s where you were going with this Ted, weren’t you?)!

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  20. Holli – I had a similar experience. I stopped to do some shopping at Costco and the Blendtec rep was there. He made a green “ice cream” that I was sure (and I’m an IIN Holistic Health Coach, open to trying unusually created concoctions) I’d find revolting – yet, the opposite happened. It was so delicious! I’m glad to find your recipe and will definitely give it a try! Thanks for sharing. Love your site!

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  23. Hey Susan!Meece, I think it is. See the above comment for more on what I thought of the taste. Suffice to say that while I tend to be obsessive and hyper-critical I have nothing bad to say about this (save for my slicing technique). You’ll love it. – Joe

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  25. David Brooks should move to the favelas of Rio De Janiero so he can experience the future of the U.S. Don't worry, I hear that the city is very "vibrant" (ie there's a drug war going on).

  26. I want to help, ‘hands on.’ I have years of experience in construction and have a valid passport. I want to do something real! Not just hand out money. Who do I call? I am also an educator. Anything to help I am there. Please email me.

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  34. Roseph – I just found out I’m Bragging at The’Dale from Wednesday-Sunday.It’s going to be hard to shoot Macro whilst nodding my head and brushing my shoulders off… but I’m going to try.See you thar!

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