What are the side effects of methadone?

The most common side effects of methadone include constipation and sweating. Although these can be unpleasant they can also be managed by your doctor. The other less common side effects are explained by our pharmacists at the beginning of the methadone treatment or suboxone treatment program.

Will methadone make me gain weight?

This is a common concern. In general any weight gain is not caused by methadone itself but by returning to normal health and an increase in appetite. Healthy body weight can be maintained by proper diet and physical activity.

Will methadone affect my teeth?

A common myth is that methadone will damage your teeth. One side effect of methadone is dry or cotton mouth. Dry mouth can lead to cavities, gum disease and plaque build up. Any tooth problems can easily be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene, rinsing your mouth with water after taking your methadone dose and regular visits to your dentist.

What are ‘carries’ and how do I get them?

When patients first start methadone drug treatment or suboxone treatment they will have to attend the pharmacy on a daily basis. As they show that they are no longer using unauthorized drugs (Heroin, Oxycodone, Opium, Opates etc) and are socially stable they are provided take home methadone or suboxone doses or carries. As per guidelines by the College of physicians and surgeons, the first carry begins after being stable both clinically and socially for 2 months. One additional carry per week is provided after every month of being stable free of drugs of abuse.

How do I store my methadone?

Safety of your methadone is very important. We require all patients to store their methadone in a locked box to keep the medication safe and secure. Because methadone is mixed with juice it should also be kept cool inside a refrigerator. Methadone taken by individuals who are not regular opiate users could be dangerous, especially children.

Do I get kicked out of the program if I use?

We will not kick you out of the program for using. We are here for addiction treatment; opiate treatment, heroin treatment, oxy treatment, opium treatment, percocet treatment or percodan treatment and even alcohol treatment so you can return to your normal life! We understand the challenges that are faced on a daily basis and will continue to encourage you to change your lifestyle. Our agenda is harm reduction to you and people around you. We use drug treatment options that are best for each individual person so both Doctor and patient are happy.

What happens when someone tampers with the urine sample?

We encourage all patients to be honest with their physician. Trust is the foundation on which your long term success depends. Urine samples are monitored by closed circuit cameras as well as other tests to prevent tampering. Patients who are caught tampering will have all carries suspended for minimum 1 month. This is also done for your safety, we monitor what you are using while taking your methadone or suboxone medication.

I have been clean for a long time, what happens if I slip up and use?

In general patients with carries whose urine sample is positive for any unauthorized drug may lose 1 carry per week. They can get the carry back gradually if they are stable again .The fastest way to get one carry back is to provide two weekly urine samples free of all unauthorized drugs.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an alternative treatment to methadone. Its effects are similar to methadone with an improved side effect profile. However, it isn’t necessarily right for everyone. Your physician will help you choose the treatment option that will work best for you.

How do I know if I need help?

• Have you tried to stop your drug use and can’t?
• Have you given up work and social activities because of drug or alcohol use?
• Do you keep taking drugs despite the harm and problems it is causing you?
• Do you spend a lot of your day getting, using and recovering from the effects of drugs?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions please call us