Addiction Services Toronto

Toronto Addiction Treatment Clinics are facilities specialized in the management of chemical dependencies including Tobacco, Alcohol as well as prescription and illicit drugs. We are a dedicated team of professionals including Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Counselors, Technicians and assistants. Our goal is to provide addiction services in Toronto that will help you to recover from your drug addiction.

Our Toronto Addiction Services

Our specialized team is experienced and dedicated to helping you to regain control of your life. We offer special addiction services in Toronto.


o Methadone Maintenance Program
o Suboxone Maintenance Program
o Methadone taper
o Addiction Assessment and Counseling
o Smoking Cessation
o In house pharmacy
o Medication counselling
o Hepatitis C treatment program
o Alcohol dependency
o Open 7 days a week
o Weekend and evening appointments available

Addiction Counselling Toronto

Our Toronto Addiction Counselling service is a facilitative process which will help you to overcome any personal fears and anxiety which you may be experiencing.

Addiction Counselling is a highly specialised form of counselling. Our team of experts in addiction counselling in Toronto will provide you with a confidential opportunity to discuss your relationship with an addiction substance or behaviour and its impact on your life and the life of others you care about.

How our Toronto Addiction Counselling can help you

Our Toronto Addiction Counselling aims:

• To strengthen self-worth.
• To find positive ways to manage stressful events and emotions.
• To learn how to react to common substance and behavioural triggers.
• To develop practical skills for dealing with addiction cravings.
• To assist the individual with rebuilding trusting relationships with others.
• To become responsible and compliant with other treatment plans.

New dedicated counseling services on site as part of our comprehensive treatment plan

Our Addiction Counselling In Toronto Is A Highly Specialized Form Of Counselling

If you are struggling with addiction please consider choosing one of our specialized Toronto addiction services to help you to begin living your life free from addiction.